Wednesday, October 6, 2010

T-Shirts Anyone?

I for one love no piece of clothing more than the graphic tee.  I mean when else do you get to wear a drawing?  Over the years I've collected some sights that feature really amazing ones and here are just a few. If you like these I'll probably be posting more at a later date and as always feel free to comment your own awesome t-shirt discoveries.
This is one shirt from Fullbleed.  He does amazingly poetic t-shirts usually with some sort of symbolism and his shirts almost always include a person as a filled outline.  They're at

This is one of the more contemporary shirts I've seen.  Its from the Japanese Shikisai brand and though the shirts are rather expensive the fact that they're interactive makes them well worth it.  They can be found at

This shirt from The Imaginary Foundation is one of my favorite shirts to date.  Similar to Fullbleed in concept, they are a more well know brand that favors a more computer generated looking design. You can find them at   

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dan Mumford

If your looking at my blog you probably like things that are a little different.  Recently I have found myself attracted to the art of a Mr. Dan Mumford.  Though most of his art is for metal bands (Black Daliah Murder, kill me please)  the things that are non band oriented are really beautiful. The pictures are so amazingly detailed. Once again comment and feel free to post any artists you like =]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Doubt You've Heard of Gummo

I don't know about you but i love weird indie movies.  Gummo happens to be one of the best. The film takes place  small town in Oklahoma I believe that has been decimated by a tornado and never quite recovered.  The story, of lack of, centers mostly around a young boy as he sells cats to the local grocer, sniffs glue, and has relation with the mental challenged all with is crazy friend by his side.  To all of you out there who love strange movie i'd definitely suggest downloading it as soon as possible.  If you know any of your own left of center movies please post them in a comment.  

The First Day

I welcome myself to the world of bloggers :)